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The images shown on are designed to be an exploration of the human form in order to arouse, titilate and stimulate through their aesthetic power and artistic suggestion. This site is not pornorgaphic in any way  in that it does not seek to arouse by simply depicting nuditty but instead by stimulating the emotions and by creating arousing images in the viewers mind.


The photgraphs on the website are by the experienced photogrspher Ben Davies. Ben has been doing photography for more that 25 years and now works exclusively in the digital medium. He works from a fully equiped studio in West London which is where the majority of photographs on this website were taken. Ben seeks to create erotic art by carefully crafting the lighting and composition as well as working closely with the model. The intent is to create images that show elements of the personality and spitrit of the model and thereby enhance their erotic appeal.


All work by is digitally processed to a very high standard where technical considerations are carefully fused with the art of the image. The processing makes use of the photographer’s wealth of traditional darkroom techniques in order to develop classical portraiture themes in order to create the most satisfying images possible. The ultimate aim of the processiong is to enhance beauty and emphasise the model’s natural features in a manner that is both flattering and unobtrusive.


Ben is a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists.